Brief History

WADAMTS Polytechnic is a private institution that was established under DECREE NO. 9 of 1993 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to develop the education sector with particular focus on the training of its users technical and vocational education.
The Polytechnic operates under the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), which prescribes and credits academic programmes, certificates as well as other awards in Nigerian Polytechnics. Advantages associated with campus master planning has prompted the Polytechnic Governing Council to request for a Comprehensive Physical Master Plan to control and guide the development of the new institution of learning so that its noble vision and mission can be realized.
Generally, the plan will constitute a framework that ensures optimal use of resources and effective decision-making on the management of physical development. This report is essentially a brief on the process of generating and evaluating the strategic alternative plans for adopting a feasible Master plan for the Polytechnic. The Campus goal and objectives determine the plan strategic options that consider the Polytechnic permanent site physical constraints and assets for development. This sets forth the significance of investigation of the terrain/vegetative features, physical, social and economic variables of the site for land use planning.
Basic components of the campus master plan shall include the academic area, administrative area and central services; communal and social services, students’ housing, circulation and ground activity areas. Using the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) Standards, sufficient land areas area located to the various uses for the Polytechnic Campus to achieve its set mission and objectives.

Mr. Omobamidele (Chairman)


Pursue your professional and academic goals in a tropical paradise! Spend time studying in an environment that has year round tropical breezes and experience everything from the gorgeous rain forests of Idanre to the historical mountains and stunning evergreen sites.

Our Vision, Mission and Objectives


  • To inspire all to seek post-secondary opportunities and continuing education;
  • To provide educational opportunities that enable students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to enter a specific career;
  • To provide continuing educational opportunities for professional job training, retraining, and upgrading of skills and for personal enrichment and wellness;
  • To provide developmental instruction for under-prepared students and educational opportunities for those who wish to improve their academic abilities and skills;
  • To provide occupational education that develops and enhances students' employability and career advancement.

  • Provide enabling environment that is more desirable, sustainable, efficient and more organized for learning and training for the prospective students and tutors.
  • Provide discerned facilities for learning and to give instruction and training in such branches of knowledge as the Polytechnic may desire to foster and in so doing enable students to obtain the advantage of contemporary technologies;
  • Provide courses of instruction and training to tutors for either sex without distinction of race, tribe or creed, for the purpose of producing well qualified non-graduate and graduate career beneficiaries;
  • Decrease student achievement gaps of developmental, young male and female students, while increasing academic achievement for all.
  • Create "stackable" career and academic pathways that incorporate industry-relevant and postsecondary credentials which lead to a sustainable income.
  • Our Team Members

    Omobamidele Adegbamigbe


    Adegbamigbe Odawayi Celestina


    Engr. Fayoriju Micheal


    Adegbamigbe Damilola

    Deputy Rector

    Egunjobi Micheal


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